Platform: Nintendo Wii
Title: Worms Battle Island
Format: ISO
Size: 4 GB
Region: PAL
Release Date: November 23, 2010
Rating: 7.0
Genre: Turn-Based Strategy
Publisher: Team17 Software

I've never shared before the game Worms 4 Mayhem RIP PC Version, and this time I share similar game but the wii version of the game "Worms Battle Island". Worms Battle Island is a Turn-Based Strategy game that is fun. If the Worms 4 Mayhem is a 3D game while the game Worms Battle Island is 2D. Although 2D but very fun to play.

Prepare to hire your army worms and fight your way through Worms Battle Island Wii Iso game! Take control of a secret island base you can see on a world map. From here, in order to defeat your enemies land, expand their territory and gain structures and objects that give a strategic advantage in every game of Worms: Battle Islands to play.

Create your own weapons of mass destruction in the arsenal united with the help of "boxes" technology of single-player campaigns. And you benefit from a whole new game mode that offers unique tactical possibilities with a number of special abilities, which begins in use before each game itself can be. Every fight is important if you want to win the war!

Worms Battle Islands offers new weapons like the torch, and EMP grenades - the latter undoubtedly be used with the ability to do high-tech weapons temporarily redundant. In addition, the project comprises dozens of weapons that you expect from the franchise.


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