True Crime: New York City RIP PC Game - Run the streets of New York City as gangster-turned-street-cop Marcus Reed, using and abusing your authority to avenge your mentor’s murder and take control of the city. Arrest, extort, interrogate, use informants, take bribes, brawl, gun down perps, and more in pursuit of your definition of "justice."

1. Street justice: bust criminals, take down gangs, search, seize, extort, take bribes, confiscate, interrogate, use informants, and dispense justice your way--by the book or by indulging in the temptations of the job.
2. Run New York City: Regulate the city from Times Square and Harlem to Little Italy, Chinatown, and every neighborhood in between. Take taxis, subways, and enter virtually every building in the city from music stores to clothing stores, clubs, and more.
3. Living, breathing city: Your attitude towards crime affects the way it looks and feels. Let crime go unchecked or contribute to it yourself and watch the city fall apart around you. Clean up crime and see it prosper along with your career.
4. Everything's a weapon: Tables, stoves, ovens, chairs, machines, and anything else you see can be used to fight your enemies. Additionally, wield police-issued weapons like pistols, grenades, and rifles or use your cash to buy black-market firepower like flamethrowers, semi-automatics, Molotov cocktails, and more.
5. Brawl your way: seamlessly choose one of five unique fighting styles to bust up perps depending on your enemy or preference.
6. Navigate the 'hoods: Use SUVs, motorcycles, sportscars, police vehicles, trucks, buses, and more to cruise around or gun down enemies. Or take cabs or the subway for direct routes.


System Requirement
System: 1.5 GHz or equivalent
RAM: 256 MB
Video Memory: 64 MB
Hard Drive Space: 2700 MB
Other: DirectX 9.0c compliant, Sound Blaster® sound card

Download Patch Click Here Download File Named True Crime: New York City v1.0 [English] Fixed EXE


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  12. saran saya,sebaiknya dihapus aja ini game dari blog.daripada nanti mengecewakan orang2 yang mau mendownload.thx