Konami's Silent Hill series is known for two things: loads of creepy atmosphere and awkward, underdeveloped stories. Silent Hill 3, released on the PlayStation 2 earlier this fall, continues both these traditions by offering up a survival horror adventure that's long on eeriness and short on sense. Silent Hill 3 isn't so much about gameplay as it is about creating a disturbing world and immersing you in it, which is something it does very well.

First things first. Silent Hill 3 is enough to make you vomit--not because of the blood and gore, of which there's plenty, but because of the clunky controls and wild camera system. They're so awkward, disorienting, and motion sickness-inducing that there are many times when you'll want to quit the game in disgust. You get two basic camera/movement options. With one system, character movement is relative to the camera. In the other, movement is relative to the character's view. To further confuse matters, you can also look around rapidly, in a small arc, while holding down a particular key. Additionally, the game sometimes switches your view to draw your attention to something or to merely create a dramatic visual. What this all boils down to is that the camera is frequently pointing away from where you want to look. Oftentimes, an attacking creature--and sometimes even your character--is hidden from view. You can theoretically reorient the camera, but it's usually sluggish, or it simply won't move around properly in tight areas. 

Really, atmosphere is what Silent Hill 3 is all about--not story or logic. (Logic has little to do with real horror, anyway.) Heather seems to be an average girl, yet she amazingly doesn't seem particularly frightened when she spots all sorts of gibbering, shambling, blood-soaked creatures who are feasting on corpses--or trying to feast on her. Even Rambo would run like hell from that. Early on, she meets a pale, frail-looking woman named Claudia, who starts rambling on about rebirth and paradise. This upsets Heather a bit, but then it's back to business as usual, which means casually roaming through a big mall that insidiously grows ever creepier.

Silent Hill 3's awkward story suffers from some serious pacing problems, as all the interesting stuff is saved for near the end. The combat and puzzles could have been better, too. The game doesn't even have that many true scares in it, but if you want to lose yourself in a really disturbing world that really digs under your skin, Silent Hill 3 is hard to beat. 


System Requirements:
Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP
2.5 GHz Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD®® Equivalent
512 MB RAM
DirectX® Compatible Sound Card
4 GB of Free Hard Drive Space

Download | Silent Hill 3 PC Game RIP | 14 Part | 2.76 GB

Password: mediafire-games4u

1. Unrar file with winrar
2. Install it using setup.exe or autorun.exe : files located in the main folder
3.Copy and paste sh3.exe from the ''Crack'' folder and paste it where you installed Silent Hill 3(default: C:\Program Files\folder you've chosen).
4. Run the game. Enjoy


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