Do you know this one card game? UNO in Italian means "a / an". So in the original game, if you stay one card then you must say "UNO!". This game is very fun when played with friends at school or anywhere. But for those who do not have friends at home and do not have a card, may be trying to this "UNO Undercover 3" PC Game version.

The rules please "googling", it's easy really. Or you can read the tutorial in the game. Rules that you must know is if you stay one card, then you must say "UNO". And if it turns out you do not say UNO and others know of your card and then only one person said UNO in advance of you, then you should take two more cards. But conversely, if someone else said UNO card while you are still more than one person then that's what it takes 2 cards. In libel and uno NOT LYING.


Minimum Requirements:
Pentium III - 800Mhz
256 MB of RAM
DirectX 9.0

Download | Uno UnderCover 3 - (38 MB)
Keygen | Uno UnderCover 3 Keygen- (200 KB)
Password : yanst3r.blogspot.com


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