Jakarta - To overcome the congestion in the capital, required the development of mass transit system that could divert the use of private vehicles. Mass Rapid Transit (mass transport) in the form of subway (underground train) would be built in Jakarta.

It is estimated, the subway will begin operating in Jakarta in 2016.

"Construction of the MRT project will start construction in 2012 and is targeted to operate in 2016," said Head of Corporate Communication of PT MRT Jakarta, Mapalagupta Sitorus during a press conference in the Varuna Restaurant, Jl Kebon Sirih, Central Jakarta, Thursday (08/12/2010) .

Subway is planned to be built in four corridors. The first stage will be built North-South corridor that is the route to the Roundabout HI Lebak Bulus.

"The distance is 15.5 kilometers, only then the second corridor with HI Roundabout route to Kampung Bandan, '" added the president director of PT MRT Tribudi Rahardjo.

It is expected that with the operation of the subway is able to reduce congestion in the capital as people switch to using the subway and other public transportation.

"Targeted subway capable of carrying 1,500 passengers in 5 minutes or so," added Tribudi.

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