WWE RAW Total Edition (2008/PC/ENG/Full)
PC Game | Year: 2008 | Genre: Action,Sports | English | Developer: THQ | Publisher: Yuke's Media Creations | 434 MB

WWE RAW (Formerly WWF RAW) is a video game released on the Xbox console and the PC by THQ in 2002. All copies of the PC port and later copies of the Xbox original were titled WWE Raw due to the World Wrestling Federation's lawsuit with the World Wildlife Fund, causing the company to change their name to WWE (although the in-game logos still carried the WWF logo).

Version in 2002 is the only game to play PC.tro lines have met a lot of gamers, but only within six years, although there are many proposals but does not demand the full version of this game (the last edition of WWE Raw has been studied for this purpose, but never released all).

And finally WWE RAW total edition full version of WWE RAW for PC, the entire programming team has worked hard for a long time to convert all these games with their knowledge of RAW, this all changed with the conversion of character detail, and the auction floor at the CAW style uniform, this version has been successfully converted the scene as a character can not become a reality for you.

* Impressive battle scenes from the superstar.
* The first side of gladiators that compete on the road to self-defense station.
* See the audience reaction when the temperature in nature.
* Auction on 10 different stations martial.
* Creation of the WWE superstars.
* Indicates the WWE style, double features and you replay.
* Unique system to compete.
* How big fight over the technology created by simply repeating the height of battle.
* Several types of auctions.


System requirement:
Windows 98/ME/XP compatible PC with DirectX 8
Pentium III/500MHz Processor
3D Graphics Card
128 MB RAM
705 MB of free Hard Drive Space
DirectX certified sound card
100% Microsoft compatible mouse and keyboard

1. Unrar file download
2. Install WWE Raw - Total Edition Install.exe
3. play the game

Password: yanst3r.blogspot.com


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  1. I did miss this game, Honestly i have tried couple of times to download it from online, but i can't download it. Where can i download it?

  2. No difference in this game, Total edition is same as its previous series. I have played 2007 series couple of times and tired from WWE series. I am waiting for its 2012 series.

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  4. I love the WWE range of games, between them and the call of duty games I cannot make a decision.

  5. man whats the real password it doesnt work