Despite the Fictional cartoon story is very popular in Indonesia about the time machine, Doraemon, A Few people in Indonesia still believe in one true story of the United States Regarding the recognition of one's about the journey through time That makes the world an uproar in 2000 to the present the which ACTED by "John Titor", someone claiming to come from the year 2036. Many people WHO do not believe in All That he toll and there are many WHO think That John is the man insane and just like popular. Many people That think is more likely, to travel into the future with the way the rocket climbed Almost to the speed of light into space, then back again to earth to bring the legal concept of relativity That states That the time in the rocket more Slowly Than the time at the which the object relative to "Remain in place", ie the earth. So, maybe people Could have high-speed rocket ride out and back for a year, but it was on earth has been running for 2 years.
John ENTERED on a mailing list forum Time TravelInstitute in November 2000 - March 2001. He Had taken a picture of his time machine and deploy images - photo time machine along with the manuals to Some people. On March 21, 2001, John said goodbye to the forum and he's back to the year 2036. Initially, John Went into the forum using the name TimeTravel_0 precisely on 2 November 2000 . "John Titor" was not the original name of the person, he conceal his real name. The name John Titor only be Used after John is required to Enter your name to sign up for an account on the Art Bell BBS Nowhere later he continued to write Some of his experiences as atravelertime from the year 2036. Many are those with uterus and WHO believe ASK A Few Things about the future. Speculation and investigation about WHO John Titor was, and why John Titor get into the mailing list and divulge a little secret about the future is still questionable to this day.
John claims to be a United States military the WHO come from the year 2036 at the which time there That Unix systems are experiencing time error and known as "UNIX 2038 Timeout Error". John was commissioned by the leaders to come to the year 1975 to take a first portable computer in the world, IBM 5100 (in Some places there is a call IBM 5110) Because in the pc That there is a language That cans solve a variety of Unix Unix language. John was chosen by top brass to carry out this noble task Because of his grandfather John was involved directly in the manufacture and programming of this IBM 5100 computer. According to John, the technology in the pc is only known by a handful of people from IBM and the technology was never again in pairs in the pc in the next generation Until the year 2036. Thus, the IBM 5100 was required in 2036 That Is experiencing time error on his computer system. This was later confirmed to the IBM and IBM was Recognized by the parties. Parties IBM Surprised Because They Recognize That WHO only five people know about it and it Happened in 1975.
John said that he was born in Tampa Bay, Florida, in 1998. On the way back to 2036 after getting an IBM 5100 in 1975, he visited in 2000 to fulfill his promise to his father and commemorate his family and the world about the Dangers - impending danger in the future. He Also Had a chance to see uterus at That time are as young as 2 years. As in the movie "Back To The Future", John put his time machine tool in a car That drove to traverse time. Before Returning to 2036, John asked his father to record the Procession is a time machine That he Used to go back to the year 2036 and in uploading to the Internet through his family lawyer, Larry Harber. But somehow this footage is not so in theuploads. There is a saying That the footage Had been taken by the intelligence the United States and will from be Destroyed. Videos departure John Also has been published to Some people but not published again by people - people WHO have been given. According to the story of John, now John's Family Had Moved from Florida to Nebraska after John Came back to the year 2036. Believe it or not, a week after John's family Moved from Florida, there was a Fierce storm That hit Florida. John said that the presence of his family was kept secret to Avoid public WHO Want to know about events Further uterus.
After the departure of John to return to Their home on March 21, 2001, John is regarded by the forum as an intelligent person and has a deep knowledge of science, although John admits That he is a Man ​​Who has specialized in the field of history , not in the computer field and science. Before Leaving, John's a little leaked about a time machine he Used to navigate the time. John admitted he uses the time machine is a C204 type That cans contain up to 3 people. This machine is created and Owned by the U.S. military in 2036. John said that the time machine is not That weird stuff in its time. There is another larger type of type C206 made ​​by GE (General Electric) and cans contain up to 7 people. This machine is only Able to bring Them the maximum 60 years into the past with the speed 10tahun/jam. The United States military since 1989 has developed a tool-producing spinning gravity device (rotating gravity) in 8914-I project. This tool is very big and tall, vertical shaft rotates with anti-Clockwise. Spins so fast That the dimensions of time and space will from be distorted. Which is the electromagnetic energy generated. This tool is very similar to C204.
mesin-waktu-john-titor2Machine-time Used by John Titor.

Below are the components - the components Necessary to create a gravity distortion system That earnest allow the passage of time:

  • Magnetic housing units for dual microsignularities.
  • Electron injection manifold to alter mass and gravity of microsingularities.
  • Cooling and x-ray venting system
  • Gravity sensors (VGL system)
  • Main clocks (4 cesium units)
  • Main computer units (3)
Here Are Some facts about the time machine That was expressed by John Titor:
  1. "No matter what I do by going to the past will from not change my future, Because We live in a different dimension." 
  2. "The machine is very heavy Pls its shape, like a box of ammunition with a long reach 500kg load, you must put the device in the car with a strong suspension. If turned on will from be formed by a 'black hole' - 'black holes' - small, similar to donuts, and that's Pls everything will from be sucked into the "black holes" that included his car toward the destination. In the process of the journey will of some very hot, Difficult To Breathe, and if your goal later turns out there are objects or walls the which impedes your journey at the point of the Same points, so the machine will from direct That 'switch off'. So, you will of not be Moved from one point to the other, but you move to another dimension .
  3. "The law of quantum physics Everett-Wheeler is the correct theory for time machine, this model several cans Also called" Many-Worlds Interpretation "or in other words many of the possibilities earnest That Happens in the future based on current decisions. For example , if I go back to 1975 to kill my grandfather, then I go back to 2036, I will from still exist / existed, as did my Parents. But in dimension 1975 and my future and my Parents do not exist. This Is Called the many- worlds interpretation . "
With A Few phrases of time above the machine, it is known That John is someone Who is' open yet closed. " The Point Is That she will from Predict Some events That Happens in the future will of earnest but not give the details of how the incident will from occur, although he mentions cases in installments Some groups and state actors in the information. John is not going to give Tips to Enrich themselves, not give earnest people to Predict the day of death, and will from not mention the full name of someone Who Will take effect in the future later. In a post written by John for five months, he predicts That there are a Few Things That Will Happen and facts:
  1. John said that the Internet of its time does not depend on ISP (Internet Service Provider). Internet the new model of cans be "standing" separate themselves from the backbone , can be installed anywhere, can be Moved - Moved in, and fill its own energy. This has been realized with Wi-Fi technology and the like.
  2. John mentions the initials 'Tipler maintain maintain' and 'Kerr', Who Will scientists take effect with a time machine. Name the two men were the resource persons tracked his existence and the reality They exist and They are a professor of physics.
  3. In early 2001, John mentioned a poem called "A Soldier's Winter" (Winter An Army). He claimed That the poem was written by a United States military personnel. When the poet Died, his poetry re-assembled and Used as a symbol in the period - the time John Became the military. In fact, a retired Colonel from the United States Army named Larry Cluck wrote a poem titled "A Soldier's Winter".
  4. The concept of 'black holes' the which Became the basis of a time machine will from be presented by CERN (Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire) in 2001. In fact in the year 2000 to 2001 not many people know about CERN organization. It was true In 2001, CERN states find the concept of 'black hole'.
  5. John Gave details of a time machine he Used to us, the which contains the "Magnetic Housing Units for dual microsignularities, Electron injection manifold to alter mass and gravity of microsingularities, Cooling and x-ray venting system, Gravity sensors (VGL system), Main clocks (4 cesium units), Main computer units (3). "Scientists today claim to the machine and delivered operational way John allows us to travel across time.
  6. John Predictions about the United States That began in 2004 the United States will from the start a civil war, in the which Between the years 2004 to 2008 demonstrations and unrest in the United States, years 2008 to 2015 was the culmination of the civil war. It is not evident now That We Are in the year 2009 and nothing Happens in the body of the United States unless the economic crisis hit That the entire world.
  7. WW - 3 earnest begin in 2015. He stated That Russia Would Attack the United States with nuclear weapons, and direct civil war in the United States will from stop and They are united against Russia. Finally, the United States will from only be formed into five states with the respective Presidents of EACH country - EACH and the capital will from move to Nebraska. According to uterus, cities - large cities in the United States Will Be Destroyed as well as in Europe, China, and the Middle East. While the country - a country not involved in World War II - 3 is a country - countries in the continent of South America, Australia andNew Zealand. This war will of eliminate the world's population of about 3 billion people.
  8. China will of Pls take a golden opportunity by the United States is being messed with brothers war. China will from colonize Taiwan, Korea, and Japan. Alerts - sign in That direction already appeared on the present but has not been proven. China has spent a lot of money to renew its weapons Until the United States was curious.
  9. After World War - 3 ends, goods - items Such as the printer manual, bike, boat rowing, and working hand will of some very useful tools. Vehicles That use fuel oil (BBM) are not Used anymore, most people use Bicycles for transportation equipment.
  10. John said that the Olympic Games Athens 2004 is the last Olympics and earnest again be held in the year 2040. This Could make people believe Because of the 2008 Beijing Olympics May not be implemented Because there are many protests from the world about Chinese Government's Attitude Towards Tibet. But John Came back wrong prediction after the successful implementation of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.
  11. Disease mad cow outbreak and the more severe earnest and hard to stop in 2036, Because the disease cans dwell in the human body for 30 years and began to REACT When We are ahead of old. There is Also a research on the Fore tribe, one tribe in the country of Papua New Guinea That showed That the germs cause mad cow That Could Be lurking inside the human body for 56 years without showing symptoms. Many people affected by the Fore tribe similar to mad cow disease due to cannibalism. But They lived many years before he Died horribly, that paranoid, go mad first and then Died. Experts theorize That the most likely people will from be Suffering from mad cow disease without knowing it for decades. And Pls diseases are "mature", it would not be beyond help .
  12. AIDS is still no cure in the year 2036. Cancer cans be overcome by using a virus Itself That fight cancer. And in 2007 in Calgary, Canada, Some scientists developed a virus That Can Be Used to attack the cancer cells, viruses Called VSV (Vesicular Stomatitis Virus). The virus is successfully Combating cancer cells in mice - mice.
  13. Food and clean water is Very Difficult to obtain due to nuclear radiation. In 2036, everyone will of be very careful - careful with food and drinks to be consumed. John said that he was very frightened Because in the year 2000 to 2001, he saw people cans order food in a restaurant as he pleased, Such as fast food or junk food without checking it first health food. Fruit - fruits commonly are safe to eat in the year 2036.
  14. In the future, life will of go back to farming, will of people changed from very religious, and many WHO deplored the World War - 3 occurred only Because of sheer political game and did not Produce anything - anything.
  15. John once said that in New York will from have a skyscraper That will of disappear in the near future and not finding weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East continue to make politics will of the United States to continue war. These two Things are then going to remember the tragedy of 11 September 2001 and found no weapons of mass destruction WHO was accused by George Bush in Iraq.
  16. Development and Information Technology (IT) will be highly developed. He said that it would be a lot of people WHO make Their own video and enter into the Internet. This has been evidenced by the websiteYouTube, Metacafe , and others. Then, the system will from several independent Internet using only a small appliance with the help of solar power and cans transmits signals as far as 60mil. The system in question is wi-max.
  17. In 2036, hydrogen energy and solar thermal energy plays a Very Important and more efficient.
  18. You've just passed a pretty big disaster, think again what is feared from 1 to 1.5 years ago (in 1999). According to the mailing list in the forum, the which is Referred to Y2K disaster. They stated That John Had returned to 1975 Researchers to notify about Y2K disaster.
  19. According to John, the social life of society is now very severe, Because We Are all very lazy, Selfish, individualistic, indifferent to Socialize Such as sheep, and many people WHO Spend time for Things - Things That Are not useful. Try to wake ups and see the circumstances around us That the more natural condition is broken, the earth was dying.
  20. In 2036, there were the resource persons no health organization That Would protect us. If you are Seriously ill, get ready - ready to dig your own grave.
  21. The temperature and the temperature in the world will from get colder.
  22. I know about the Mayan prediction about the year 2012. It's something unique Things Happen earnest, think - something like the story of the red sea and the Egyptians. But it's not going to make this world apocalypse.
  23. Companies like Yahoo and Microsoft Would not exist anymore in the year 2036. 
  24. Until 2036, We still have not found anything - what's on planet mars. So did about the ufo That is still a mystery, although scientists in 2036 Had stated That the ufo Also is the time traveler from the future and aliens are Human Beings That have evolved due to natural changes, radiation, or by war. The aliens have the body structure and organs - the internal organs similar to Humans.
As for Some of the Things suggested by John Titor toll to us We do to our lives for the better, but still earnest not be Able to change the future That have been Experienced by John Titor. Any decision made ​​today, will from not affect life in The futures Because the answers of all the options Had been seen by uterus. Here Are Some suggestions put forward by John Titor toll us;
  • Do not eat or use products from animals fed or fed That were the resource persons from the carcass lesbian.
  • Do not kiss or have sex with people you do not know.
  • Learn basic - basic sanitation and water purification.
  • Get Used to using firearms, learn to shoot, and clean the guns.
  • Always Provide P3K box and learn to use it.
  • Look for 5 people or friends Who You believe Within a radius of 100mil and is always in contact with Them.
  • Take a copy of the Constitution - the United States Constitution and read it.
  • Reduce your food habits are excessive.
  • Look for bikes and 2 sets of spare tires, bersepedalah 10 miles every week.
  • Think back what Should you take if you have to leave the house Within 10 minutes and will of never return again.


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