The world began to fill the skyscraper buildings. The men vying to build tall buildings that seemed to claw the sky. The height and some have reached 3000 feet (ft). Just imagine how high these buildings. although a few buildings still under construction still I input the 10 tallest buildings list .... we just wait ..
To make it easier to imagine I provide data conversion to the size of meters (m), because if Indonesia is unusual in using a unit of length feet (foot).
Following order:
Number 1
Nakhel Tower
Location: Dubai
Year completed (target): 2020
Height: 3.281 ft = 1000.05 m
designed by: Woods Bagot
Number 2
Burj Dubai
Location: Dubai
Year Completed: 2009
Height: 2600 ft = 792.48 m
Currently holds the world record for tallest building, because Nakhel Tower still under construction ..  
Number 3
Location: Dubai
Year completed (estimate): 2012
Height: 2028 ft = 618.13 m
Pentominuim name combination of the word "penthouse" and "condominium."
Number 4
Russia Tower
Location: Russia
Year of completion: 2012
Height: 2009 ft = 612.34 m
Created by: British architects Foster + Partners
Number 5
Chicago Spire
Location: Chicago
Year of completion: 2012
Height: 2000 ft = 609.6 m
The Chicago Spire designed by Santiago Calatrava architecture spain
Number 6
Meccah royal clock tower
Location: Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Year of completion: 2010
Height: 1893 ft = 576.99 m
Planned hours will be 5 times larger than Big Ben in London
Number 7
China 117 Tower
Location: Tianjin, China
Year of completion: 2013
Height: 1870 ft = 569.98 m
This building also will be the highest in China if it has been completed
Number 8
Doha Convention Center Tower
Location: Doha Qatar
Year of completion: 2012
Height: 1808 ft = 551.08 m
Being developed by the developer Qatari Diar, to become a beautiful scenery in Doha
Number 9
World Trade Center One
Lokasi : New York AS
Year of completion: 2013
Height: 1776 ft = 541.32 m
Dubbed the "Freedom Tower" designed by American architect David Childs
Number 10
Burj Al Alam
Location: Dubai
Year of completion: 2011
Height: 1674 = 510.24 m
Designed by Japanese architects Nikken Sekkei, in English means "World Tower"


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