In DiRT 3 will be a lot of modern and classic cars (among which the Lilliputians and an old Morris Cooper), a dynamically-changing weather, range from snow blizzards and rainstorms to most of these, and a bunch of new locations so seats for the races for fun and just showing off. Total planned order of 100 tracks, offering a ride on the roads of Norway, Monte Carlo, and even Africa. List of game modes include both standard "career" in the course of which we are composed of close-knit racing team to rise to fame, and a bunch of entertainment events - Transporter, Goldrush, Outbreak and Cat 'n' Mouse, everything is already written in DiRT 3. Other details - the number of real names among the sponsors of DiRT 3 will be times, details of the machines will be pleasing to the eye, and take a ride on the road will also allow the buggy and multi-ton trucks. Promising more vehicles, venues, routes, and events than in any previous game in Codemasters' acclaimed off-road series, Dirt 3 also features revamped car handling and physics that more accurately incorporate weight shifting. Compete in rally stages across Europe, Africa, and the United States as you race over gravel, tarmac, and snow in dynamically changing weather conditions. A new mode designed around the freestyle driving technique known as "gymkhana" is included, rewarding players for performing stunts, stringing together combos, and earning style points while competing alone or against friends. Results can then be published to YouTube for the rest of the world to admire.

  • Includes new locales in Finland, Kenya, Norway, and Michigan
  • Perform stunts and earn style points in the all-new gymkhana mode
  • Drive licensed vehicles such as the Audi Sport Quattro Rallye, Lancia Fulvia HF, and Peugeot 207 S2000


System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.8GHz or Intel Pentium D 2.8Ghz
HDD: 15 GB free disk space
Graphics: 256 MB Graphics Memory
Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
DirectX: Version 9.0c

Pass tinypaste: yanster93


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