Angry Birds Rio Full Version 1.1.0 is no different in terms of gameplay than usual Angry Birds, but in terms of episodes and the appearance of Rio 1.1.0 Angry Birds are very different. If we attack Angry Birds on a pig, the Angry Birds Rio we liberate other birds. Curious and want to try? Wrote a check.


Download [NEW + NEW UPLOAD Repack]:
Download | Angry Birds Rio 1.1.0 Full Version - (34 MB)
Password: yanst3r.blogspot.com

The way I fix activation was as follows:
1. Download Angry Birds Rio 1.1.0 above [New Upload]
2. Install - Run - Enter Serial existing in the folder Angry Birds Rio 1.1.0 above. Ready to play.

Well, in many cases I have ever faced there are some cases where the laptop / PC can not run / play Angry Birds (Most Windows XP) Maybe you can make this experience of inspiration if you see things that I encountered the following:
1. If an error is caused by "msvcr100.dll" or "msvcp100.dll", which you do try to install "Microsoft Visual C + + 2010 Redistributable Package" on the PC. For those who do not have the installer can be downloaded:
  * Download | Ms Visual C + + 2010 Redist (x86) - (4 MB)
  * Download | Ms Visual C + + 2010 Redist (x64) - (6 MB)

2. If after doing Step 1 above was not able too, you try to install netframework 3.5. You can download also:
  * Download | netframework 3.5 - (231 MB)

3. If after performing Step 1 and Step 2 can also apparently not or display an error message "Texture is too large 2048 x 2048, maximum supported is 1024 x 1024", you try to update your VGA driver.

4. If after doing Step 1 through 3 but can not be too, means you are not lucky perhaps because of the spec PC or other problems.
NB: Do not update Angry Birds Rio Trial is because it will be back.


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  1. what is the password for the rar folder after I download it?

  2. see in the belows the link you want to Download,