:) some rules you should run to exchange links with this blog:

  • if you want to exchange links with this blog then copy and paste my link below on your blog:
Blog Name: yanst3r international
  • give me a link where the place you put my blog link in your blog by comment on this page, so I can find out and confirm that you have put my blog link. last, write your url and anchor text on your comment.
  • You may want to be paired with a banner link or just link it, as long as there is notification about it.
  • Let's continue to preserve the tradition of fellow bloggers link exchange.

Special Offer (Limited):

if you want to trade in a special link with this blog (I'll put your link in the footer of this blog) like this (look at the bottom of the blog):

Easy Way:
1. Comment on this page, the first to say "SPECIAL OFFER"
2. Then put your blog address and blog name in your comment.
3. After that I will review your blog and I will comment on your blog or on this page whether it is feasible to exchange link or not (accepted or not).
4. If accepted then I put your blog link in places that have been provided. You also should put my blog link in the same place as I put a link your blog.

The advantages of exchange links like this:
We'll get backlinks as much as blog posts are indexed by google. While for regular link exchange, we only get one backlink.

Rules of Special Offer:
1. Minimum blog PR2.
2. Blog post > 400 OR Google indexed > 600.
3. Placed my blog link should be dofollow.

4. Blog has no content: pornographic, violent, hack, etc.
5. Anything that violates the rules I can remove your blog link at any time. Please understand.

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  1. Hey You cheat me.. You removed my link.
    I didn't remove yours. U can check: http://yogeshgamer.com/link-exchange/

    Please Tell me reason

  2. @yogesh_gamer
    because this blog has been changing domain, which initially "yanst3r.blogspot.com" be "www.yanst3r.com", all the backlinks that exist on this blog I delete it, if you want to continue to exchange link with this blog, change my url to http://www.yanst3r.com

  3. ok.. I didn't knew that. You should informed us.
    Ok I edit ur URL. U can check: http://yogeshgamer.com/link-exchange/

    Now exchange my link.

    Blog Name: Yogesh Gamer's Virtual World
    URL: http://yogeshgamer.com/

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